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Low Pressure Sodium LPS Lamp 36W SOX-E

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Low Pressure Sodium LPS Lamp 36W SOX-E

Extremely high luminous efficacy makes these the most efficient light source

  • Economical source of light for remote areas.

  • Monochromatic yellow colour with non-existent colour rendering.

  • Reduces light pollution.

  • Solar panels with battery will supply power for high intensity lighting system for extended period.

  • Average Lamp Life: 14,000 – 18,000.

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Philips manufactures the popular SOX and SOX-E series. Introduced in 1932, low pressure sodium lamps have no color rendering. The wavelengths at 589.0 and 589.6 nm. are an efficient light source which emit a deep yellow appearance.

Low Pressure Sodium Lamp

Low pressure sodium lamps can deliver more than 200 lumens per watt. LPS lamps are generally installed in street light, bridge and tunnel lighting applications.

* Special Sox-E lamp is an energy saver lamp. Check the SKU number for the SOX-E or SOX designation.

Low pressure sodium lamp startup at dusk.

Learn the difference between AC and DC Electronic Ballast. In the most basic terms, DC electronic ballast are used for off-grid solar lighting systems.

Magnetic ballast consumes about 20% more energy. Eliminate the "ho-hum" sound. Switch to electronic ballast.


  • Commercial grade.
  • Lamp is fitted with BY22D holder.
  • Inspection is recommended every six months to ensure safety and long life.
  • 30-day exchange warranty.

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Low Pressure Sodium LPS Lamp 36W SOX-E

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Additional Information

Watts 20-39
Manufacturer Philips
FOB Hong Kong

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