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Getics Off Grid Solar Inverter layout

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Off Grid Solar Inverter 1000W 24V

Getics Solar Inverters are Efficient and Economical

  • Reduce the utility bill. Subsidize the utility company.

  • Boost Converter for DC Voltage.

  • Fewer switches, less circuitry, easier to install...switch the power on baby!

  • Operating lifetime expectancy is five years.

  • 2 year material and workmanship warranty.

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Getics® Off Grid Solar Inverters are reliable off grid power inverters that include a smart charger. Pure sine wave power is distributed to all equipment.

Charging profiles, battery capacities and characteristics of Off Grid Solar Inverter (Great video and comments!)

Getics® Off Grid Solar Inverter is a heavy-duty modular unit which generates a sinusoidal wave from a 24V battery bank. An off grid solar inverter can supply continuous power to various loads such as resistive load (heater); inductive load (air conditioner, refrigerator) and motors (vacuum cleaner); and rectifier load (computer).

Getics® Off Grid Solar Inverters are designed to work under heavy load conditions. Derating is not necessary. It provides a rapid and complete charging process. The smart charger can be set with different charging profiles and battery capacities to match various battery types and sizes. The switch module automatically diverts the energy transfer path between inverter and utility source. When the utility source is lower than the transfer level, the path switches to the inverter. Otherwise the load is conducted to the utility source. The transfer time is 1/4~1/2 of the total cycle time. A high power charger (40A) can charge a 24V/400 AH battery bank in 10 hours.

How do solar inverters work?

An off-grid solar inverter should be used when there are enough ampere-hours to adequately supply a steady stream of electricity for an appliance over an estimated period of time.

An off-grid inverter is extremely reliable for low wattage and low voltage lighting and appliances. Not a good choice for high energy consumption appliances such as heaters over a prolonged period of time. In rural areas, consider a propane generator as a backup.


  • Commercial grade.
  • True, Pure sine wave continuous inverter.
  • Smart charger can be set to different charging profiles and battery capacities to match various battery types and sizes.
  • Load sensing adjustable.
  • Quiet, efficient operation, high surge capacity and low idle current.
  • Inspection of each component is recommended every six months for long life.
  • 2 year material and workmanship warranty.
  • Assembly and Parts Required.

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Product Specifications

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Off Grid Solar Inverter 1000W 24V

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Additional Information

Watts 1000-1999
Manufacturer Getics
FOB Hong Kong, Los Angeles

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